i love this duo

losingluzon asked: "I think it'll come into play after the auction!"

That’s if there’s an auction… But hopefully they do do one!! I love the auctions!

Pre-season, there was a lot of talk about the Tyler Perry idol. Jeff seemed really excited about the idol so they wouldn’t advertise the idol if it will never be played. Wouldn’t it be great if someone already found it and they want to surprise the viewers just as much as the players are surprised? 

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I’m ~in love~ That boy is no good for my sanity. I really want to see him winning Survivor :) And, even though the season isn’t over yet, I already want him in an All Stars, cuz I can’t get enough of Spencer  <3


"i don’t look diabolical or like a genius, both of which i am."



the baes
LJ & Parv